System Trader Success
Experts Guide

System Trader Success Experts Guide

Don’t lose any more of your trading capital on poorly designed trading systems. Uncover proven techniques that will help you create successful trading systems today!

Rock-Solid Blueprint For
System Development Success!

Uncover my tips and techniques to consistently build profitable trading systems. Why put yourself through the process of trial-and-error when you can have a blueprint for success!

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Dear System Developer...

Building a profitable trading system is very difficult.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It’s a difficult project where most of your ideas will not work. To make matters worse, you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information.

Learning a computer language to build a system is great, but that’s not enough to build a successful system. Combining a few technical indicators with a buy order and adding trailing stops are NOT going to make you a profitable trading system. You are going to need an organized approach and perform specific steps to create a successful trading system.

Often this information is difficult to locate as most information on the web is geared towards outrageous get-rich-quick promises, equity curves that promise an unrealistic smooth ride to weekly income and high pressure sales. In short, within the field of system development there exists a lot of noise, hype and misinformation that can take you astray.

So, how do you create a successful trading system? You start by reading this eBook on building a trading system the right way.

In this fact-filled book, you’ll discover how to avoid common pitfalls amateurs make all the time.

You’ll learn the important system performance metrics and what they mean to your bottom line. You’ll discover how to correctly isolate trading ideas and independently test those ideas to produce a robust system that will have a better chance of surviving on out-of-sample data.

Finally, you will learn the proper way to use optimization to avoid curve fitting. We wrote this guide to help you better understand the system development process. Now with this information, you can begin to build more robust trading systems and begin your path to system trading success.

Learn To Build Systems That Work On The Live Market!

A Proven Method For System Development

Building trading systems is difficult enough without making the same newbie mistakes. Uncover a step-by-step process that works!

Discover the true “holy grail” of system trading

What can turn a good system into a fantastic system? A technique that most traders don’t use that can boost profits immensely. It’s the closest to the holy grail of trading.

How to properly test stop losses, targets and technical indicators!

How do you properly test a hard stop? How do you correctly add different filters and avoid curve fitting? It’s all explained.

Spot A Bad System Before You Lose Money

I’ll show you how to spot a bad trading system just by the performance report.

Discover One Filter Which Can Change Everything

I’ll show you a simple filter which can change everything with your system. Often turning a mediocre trading system into a real winner.

Never Miss An Opportunity!

’ll show you a systematic way to record your development results in my specialized System Development Notebook that will allow you to never miss an opportunity.

Get You Up To Speed Fast!

The steps within this eBook are simple and can be implemented quickly in your own system development. You can start to make a difference today!

Get My System Development Notes Template

Make photocopies of this blank template to record your development notes for each system you work on. This creates an indispensable record of your development process.

Learn The 12 Steps To...

Profitable Trading Systems

You Get All of This!

  1. My System Development Notes Template: This is a template you can use over and over again to record your system development process. It’s like a lab write-up in chemistry class but this one’s better. It can help you make money! Remember, treat your development process like a science!
  2. 100 Page eBook on Building Profitable Trading Systems: This eBook is a step-by-step guide packed with actionable items you can use today to improve your profitability.
  3. Info-Graphic: A PDF flowchart highlighting the development process.
  4. Exit Methods Mind Map: A mind map highlighting some of the most popular exit techniques.
  5. EasyLanguage Code: You get all the code used in the eBook.
  6. Free Access To STS Insider: Get additional training videos, live Q&A with Jeff Swanson and more inside this private website.

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I’d like to congratulate and thank you for the work you put into producing such a clear description of the system development process." -- Jinda

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"You guys are the best. It was a breath of fresh-air to find your site. Your eBook has revolutionized my trading system development. I know of no other site that does that." -- Anyonymous

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Your book is an excellent introduction to the main issues and pitfalls of developing trading systems. Overall, it was TREMENDOUSLYhelpful!" -- Al