How to Build Trading Systems That
Predict Market Turning Points!

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Quickly Build ROBUST and PROFITABLE Trading Systems

The Secret To Locating Turning Points Is Intermarket Analysis

For all traders, the proof of concepts lies in the charts and historical backtested results. Using the concept of intermarket divergence and the Intermarket Divergence Pro,  we have an intermarket system of gold relative to the PHLX Gold/Silver Sector (XAU). The results are shown below.

    Systems built around the concept of Intermarket Analysis have demonstrated amazing staying power. Some systems built over 20 years ago continue to work today.
    Not many people are building systems around this concept. Thus much of the playing field is wide open for you to take advantage of.
    The hallmark of great systems is simplicity! Systems built around Intermarket Analysis are very simple systems with the core trading logic only a few lines of code.
    The power of Intermarket Analysis is the ability to help pick turning points in the market.

Used by Firms With Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Under Management

Intermarket analysis is an incredibly powerful concept that traders can use to gain an edge in the market. In fact, when intermarket analysis is done correctly it is considered to be a form of statistical arbitrage that can have excellent results. Murray Ruggiero, Consultant for System Development at Tuttle Tactical Management, a firm managing over $200 million in assets, has championed intermarket divergence as a way to identify market turning points for nearly 20 years.

Finding Turning Points: Notice how in the chart above, the system reasonably accurately identifies the market turning points in gold prices. When there is a short in the chart above, usually the gold prices will fall. When there is a buy signal, usually gold goes up. While this is not 100% perfectly predictive, it was very profitable. The results shown above made $40,000 in less than one year (from September 2011 until April 2012) using one standard lot.

Are you interested in identifying market turning points – buying when prices are near a low and selling when they are at a market high? If you’re like most investors, you would answer an emphatic yes to that question recognizing how valuable such information would be. Believe it or not it is actually possible to generate 100% objective signals that identify when the market is about to turn either positive or negative. Yes you read that correctly – there is a technique that can be used to identify when the market is about to go up or down!

How can this be achieved? Through years of research, Murray Ruggiero, Consultant for System Development for Tuttle Tactical Management – a company that manages over $200 million in assets – has researched techniques and developed software to identify these turning points. Back in the 1990's, he developed a method he called, “intermarket divergence” which can generate 100% objective trading signals that are highly correlated with market turning points.

Murray Ruggiero, Creator of Intermarket Divergence Pro

We developed this methodology in the mid 1990’s and it allows us to gauge the predictive power of an intermarket relationship and produce 100% objective signals. During the past 20 years we have used this methodology to develop trading systems which have produced robust and reliable trading signals even 20 years after the models were originally developed without any reoptimization.

Watch Murry Create An Intermarket Strategy

Part 1
Part 2

Requires No Coding!

Saving time when testing different intermarket relationships by not having to code anything!

Of course the better programmer you are the more effective of a system developer you can become. However, this tool allows you to quickly test ideas and prototype systems without coding. In some instances, you can even build complete trading systems without coding.​


Generates 100% Open Source Code

No black box here! All the code for this package is open code. That means you get a full understanding on what's going on. You can even tweak the code to your preference.


Works Seamlessly With TradeStation or Multicharts!

This product was exclusively designed to work with TradeStation and Mutlicharts. It integrates seamlessly with your platform so you can start building profitable and robust systems right away.

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Build Incredibly Robust Systems

This Intermarket System Works 20 Years Later Without Reoptimization!

Here Are Other Systems Created With Intermarket Divergence Pro

These trading systems are not for sale but are here to show you what's possible. Both of these systems are only a few lines of code and were created using the concepts of intermarket divergence.

This intermarket system trades the 30-year U.S. Treasury

This S&P futures system

Our Software Is Open Source and
TradeStation & MultiCharts Compatible!

Our products are compatible with TradeStation 9.x and MultiCharts! All of our code is completely open-source, meaning you can customize it to suit your trading style. Also, our product will be available for download immediately after purchase.

The History of Intermarket Divergence

System Trader Success has worked with Murray to spread the word about his intermarket analysis methods for over a year now. 

Murray discovered this five years ago and have never shared it, until now. Designed exclusively for TradeStation and MultiCharts users such as yourself, this intermarket divergence tool works by allowing you to easily – and without any code – test various intermarket hypothesis.

For example, with Intermarket Divergence Pro you can test hypotheses such as “are bonds positively correlated with utility stocks?” without any coding.

How Does Intermarket Divergence Work?

Intermarket divergence is based on six basic fundamental ideas:

  • All markets are interrelated. This means that no markets ever move in isolation.
  • Intermarket work provides important background data.
  • Intermarket work uses external, as opposed to internal data.
  • Technical analysis is the preferred vehicle.
  • Intermarket relationships are not only for futures, but also for stocks, ETFs, and various indices or sectors.
  • We will first try to understand the premise behind a relationship. This means viewing it visually on a chart and then developing mechanical signals based on this relationship.


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Do you have any questions about our product? Contact us here and we'll be happy to help you out.​

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During the free video mini-course we build a bond futures trading system using Intermarket Divergence Pro. The strategy was created very quickly and demonstrates some best practices on how build a system to avoid over fitting your system to the historical data.

The out of sample results look very promising and the strategy is actually making more money per trade ($800+) than during the in-sample period!​

Out of Sample Equity Curve!

FREE BONUS #2 : 3-D Optimizer for Excel

This add-in for Excel lets you prepare, visualize, and validate your parameter space optimizations in 3D. This add-in is vital for testing your system’s robustness across multiple parameters. 

The additional statistics calculations means that you can ensure that your system is producing statistically significant results.

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