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Simple Equity Curve Feedback Is Now Available To TradeStation

WATCH: See how this unique tool can reduce drawdowns, preserve capital and generate more revenue from your existing trading systems!

Trading the equity curve is now dead simple!

Easily incorporate equity curve feedback techniques into either your own strategies or use it as a filter for other trading strategies. Many times tracking the equity curve of strategies can help automatically determine which systems should be on or off. For example, you can turn off a trading system when the equity curve takes a big dip or you can select the system with the best equity curve. These types of tweaks can help improve already good systems.

What Is Equity Curve Feedback?

Some trading systems will have prolonged periods of winning or losing trades.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid those long drawdown periods? Trading the equity curve or equity curve feedback is one way to do just that.

​Try applying a 20-trade or 50-trade moving average (this will depend upon your trading system and your personal preference) to your your trading system’s equity curve. Plot this smoothed equity curve along side your true equity curve (see image below). When the equity curve falls below the smoothed equity curve you can stop trading your system or reduce your contract size. 

Stop trading when your equity curve falls below the moving average (pink line)!

Trading the equity curve is like trading a basic moving average crossover system. When the fast moving average (your equity curve) crosses over the slower moving average (your smoothed equity curve) you go long (trade your system live). When the fast moving average crosses under the slower moving average you close your long trade (stop trading your live system).​

Reduce Drawdowns AND Preserve Capital!

Our Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit allows your  system to trade in simulation mode so that it will continue to generate an equity curve. The Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit will only allocate real trades when the trend of the equity curve is up. 

Look At The Difference!

Here is an equity curve of a system that has a long drawdown period. Using this toolkit we can have our live system stop trading during this period.

Now look at the final equity curve as we significantly reduce large drawdowns.

You can quickly test our Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit on your current trading systems. You will insert the function we provide into your base strategy and make a slight modification to the signal. You don’t have to re-program any of your strategies.

Built For TradeStation Users!

This toolbox is build for TradeStation using EasyLanguage. No messy DLLs or plug-ins. Simply use this function within your strategy and you're ready to go!

No Plug-in or DLLs to load.

Works on any timeframe and any market.

You don't need to re-program your existing strategies!

This One Line Of Code Computes The Simulated Trades So You Can Trade The Equity Curve!

You get all these tools!

All Open Source!​

This toolkit does not just give you the simulated equity curve of your trading system. It contains an entire Equity Curve Analysis Library which you can use in your own systems! Check this out...

EasyLanguage Functions Within The Equity Curve Analysis Library


Determines the current state of the last intermarket signal.


Determines the current state of a simple moving average crossover.


Determines the current state of a triple simple moving average crossover.


Allows you to access each of the simulated trades' P&L values.


Returns to you the simulated equity curve's current value.


Returns the MaxDrawdown for signal values over the complete time period


Returns the current equity value for long signals over the time period to current bar


Returns MaxDrawdown for long signals the complete time period to current bar


Returns current equity value for short signal over the time period to current bar


Returns MaxDrawdown for short signal trades over the time period to current bar


Returns winning Percentage both long and short to current bar


Returns winning Percentage long to current bar


Returns winning Percentage short to current bar

Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit

Immediate download available.

You'll get the Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit as an EasyLanguage ELD which can be imported into your TradeStation platform. You will also get a user manual explaining the Tookkits features.

  • Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit as an EasyLanguage ELD file
  • Entire Equity Curve Analysis Library (13 functions)
  • PDF User Manual 

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Murray Ruggiero
Creator of the 
Equity Curve Feedback Toolkit

About the Creator

Murray Ruggiero is the chief systems designer, and market analyst at Tuttle Tactical Management. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on the use of intermarket and trend analysis in locating and confirming developing price moves in the markets. Murray is often referred to in the industry as the Einstein of Wall Street.

As chief systems designer, Murray digs into the depths of niche and sub-markets, developing very specialized programs to take advantage of opportunities that often escape the public eye, and even experienced high level money managers.