Randomly Pushing Buttons

Randomly Pushing Buttons

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  • j.g. says:

    Can you show us all the code in your discussion for Trade Station? Thanks.

    • Matt Haines says:

      I don’t use Trade Station so I don’t have any code to share for that particular platform. You’ll have to come up with your own code based on what I’ve described here. Sorry!

  • jg says:

    You’ve touched the guts of it all “strategies by 1 button” in this article.

    As Eureqa; assembles any paragraphs among all your .ELD’s. Assembles canned sets of formulas (apart from paragraphs and lines in canned ELD’s) sorting by background-programmed statistics, the valid statistical probabilities of its success.

    1 button, on a platter, the simplest interface, you don’t need to know a thing about statistics, it’s actually doing all of it for you in the backdrop, a known dummy could use it. (Sure could 🙂 )

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