Predictive Indicators

About the Author John Ehlers

John Ehlers is well known in the commodity futures arena as the Creator of MESA. He is author of four books including Rocket Science for Traders. John received his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Missouri and did doctoral work at George Washington University. He is the founder of MESA Software, having pioneered the MESA method of cycle analysis in the late 1970's. John is the recipient of the Market Technicians Association ( Charles H. Dow award.

  • Peter Maier says:

    First of thanks for this article. I think it can really come in handy, being able to smooth the data in such an simple, jet effective way.
    But I have a question. You state that:
    “I created the SuperSmoother digital filter by converting an analog filter having real inductors and capacitors into the digital domain and then minimizing the lag of the converted filter.”

    What is the name of the filter you originally used? Because it might be helpful in an analog project.

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