MCVI Indicator and Strategy on Daily Charts

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  • Marco says:

    Thank you for the daily version Frank. What do you think about the overperformace of Nasdaq compared to S&P500?

  • WQ says:

    Jeff, I just downloaded the MT4 version of MCVI indicator from,

    I tested it on EURUSD and GBPCAD. I found the curve of MCVI-21 is very similar to RSI-14. And indeed MCVI-14 is similar to RSI-14 too.

    Did you ever compare MCVI with RSI and do you have any idea on the difference between MCVI and RSI?

    Thanks for sharing this indicator!

    • I’ve not compared the two indicators. In general the MCVI indictor is an oscillator based upon standardized deviation away from a moving average. The RSI is also an oscillator but computes a ratio of high closes vs lower closes.

  • Pol says:

    Hi! Do u test a connorsi indicator? Would be cool to see results cause I try to use their connorsi) thx forward

  • Mike says:

    What’s “MP” in the code? When I try to compile it throws an error saying it’s not recognized. Is the code referring to another function or variable?

    • MP is a built-in variable that holds the current market position. 0 = flat, 1 = long, -1 = short. If your compiler does not recognize MP you will need to declare it and then assign it. Something like this will need to be placed within your code:

      Variable: MP(0);
      MP = MarketPosition;

      • Mike says:

        Thanks, that’s what I figured.

  • Jim says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Some comments about the MCVI indicator and strategy. At the “Inputs:” the value “N(NUMERIC)” draws an error message reading “arithmetic (numeric) expression expected here”. Why is this occurring?

    At the line reading “MCVI = Result” the error message reading “assignment to a function not allowed” appears. Why?

    Why would you not plot a zero line, a LowValue line of (-0.51) and a HighValue line of (+0.43)? Yes, I know that I am free to add those but the question is why have you omitted such?

    Since neither the indicator and the strategy will verify I would like to remove them from their respective file folders (not any given chart). How do I do that?

    I have found your articles and experiments interesting and sometimes useful; that is, when I can get them to work on TradeStation 9.5 Update 17.

    Jim Stanclift

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