The Laguerre RSI vs Classic RSI

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  • yariv casif says:

    Jeff Hi

    I read your article regarding the world’s sinplest stratey to invest.
    There you are talking about using the monthly chart and 10 moving average.

    The article talks about FTSE and I am interested if you have a reaserch using tradestation for the SPY.


    • Hello Yariv. Are you talking about the Ivy Portfolio? If not, do you have a link to the article you’re talking about? Thanks.

  • MARCO says:

    Hi Jeff,
    What about trying to see what’s happen if both the RSI indicators are triggering together?

    Marco Simioni

    • Hello Marco. That would be a good idea. I’m first working on a follow-up article with a few other ideas on the LRSI. But, I will keep your ideas in mind. Thanks.

  • cntrader says:

    Hi, Jdff, I like this article. thanks. but now can’t download the files for study.

    • Hello CNtrader. There was a problem with the downloads. Thanks for letting me know. Please check them now, they should work.

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