Equity Curve Indicators

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  • luigi says:


    i’ve tryed to install eld code in tradestation but it find anything inside.
    Have a solution for me?

    Thaks a lot.


    • Did you look under “indicators” after you installed the ELD? Look for the indicator “Equity Curve”. Let me know if this helps or not.

  • Ruben says:

    Your Download links for the TS equity curve indicators(eld,TSW), is not working. Are you planning on updating the link? I would like to test.

    • The links should be working. I sent you copies of the downloadable file to your personal email. Let me know if you have other questions.

  • Wes_Y says:

    Is there a way to have the indicator track the max equity that the trade held instead of what the equity is at the close of the bar?

    • A slight modification to code should allow it to do this. However, the Trade Recorder function will do this now. It will record the maximum favorable excursion and write it to a file. You can find more about it here http://systemtradersuccess.com/trade_recorder_function/

      • Wes_Y says:

        Yes, I’ve seen the Trade Recorder, but from what I understand it only has the MFE on a per trade basis, and I was trying to see it on a per bar basis. I would like to see if there is a pattern in equity of the trades my system generates. Unfortunately I am still a very amateur coder and have not been able to find the right syntax to modify the original code to do what I would like.

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