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ARIMA/GARCH – Straight Out of the Lab to the Trading Scene

Arima/Garch hybrid model is one of the hottest area of research for both time series forecasting as well as modeling markets. I have spent over a year working with this methodology. Large Institutional Traders and Hedge funds are researching methods like this. In my opinion, your days are numbers as a trader if you don’t […]

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Intermarket State Divergence

For the past 20 years I had been teaching my concept of Intermarket Divergence for generating trading signals. You can learn about this concept in a previous article, “Intermarket Divergence – A Robust Method for Signal Generation”. I developed this concept because most of my intermarket work was based on the future’s market and using […]

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A Flexible Trailing Stop Function

The Anatomy of a StopA stop can be defined by specifying four basic parameters, illustrated in Figure 1 below:Price Reference: The price from which the stop is offset (white line) to create a stop value.Stop Offset: The distance from the Price Reference to the stop value.Price Trigger: The value of price that will trigger the […]

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Intermarket Divergence Demo

In a recent article by Murray Ruggiero, Intermarket Divergence – A Robust Method for Signal Generation, the concept of generating signals based on the behavior of two correlated markets was discussed. Murray provided a simple, yet powerful, method for generating signals. Video demo of the free Intermarket Divergence strategy tool. Download your copy. Click To Tweet […]

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