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Going Live With Automation

Going live with an automated strategy is one of the coolest, but also scariest things you can do in trading. Here you are letting a computer trade with your hard earned money. Theoretically, the computer makes ALL the buying and selling decisions except for rollover trades. Many people simply can’t do it – the stress […]

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Finding Out What Works, And What Doesn’t Work – Part II

In Part 1 of this series, found here, I ran a simple study of a trading system, in order to look at some of the common components (such as end of day closes, short versus long bar periods) that many system developers add to their trading system. Could some of these strategy building blocks be […]

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Finding Out What Works, And What Doesn’t Work

Many traders who try system trading have previously had difficulty at discretionary or manual trading. Most of these folks eventually recognize the benefit of trading a system with well defined rules – a system that has performed well in the past. It is nice to know a trading approach has historically worked, but as with […]

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Getting Down To Business!

Algo trading

In the previous parts of this 3-part article (see part 1 and part 2), I introduced you to algo trading, and then discussed features of algo trading, along with advantages and disadvantages. Algo trading can definitely help you compete with the “big boys,” but it is not automatically a “supertrader” creator. There is no easy way […]

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Intro To Algo Trading

Algo Trading

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed the different types of trading which includes algorithmic, discretionary, and hybrid trading. Let’s say you are intrigued by algorithmic trading. What is it exactly and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? I will discuss all these topics in this article.What is An “Algo?”Anytime you trade, […]

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The Different Types of Trading

“Algos” and “algorithms.” These two words strike fear into the hearts of many a trader. Visions of computer programs running wild, buying and selling with reckless abandon, are a common nightmare. A trader goes to sleep flat, and wakes up to find a rogue robot algorithm frittered away his or her account, buying and selling […]

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Are Breakeven Stops Worth The Effort?

One favorite “gotta have” of many traders is a breakeven stop. By not letting a winning trade become a loser, the psychological lure of breakeven stops is strong. This is especially true for discretionary traders, where the winning percentage can play an important mental (not necessarily financial) role.The answer for automated traders may be different, […]

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The Journey

“The journey, Not the destination matters…” ― T.S. EliotYou might be wondering what the Nobel Prize winning poet, T.S. Eliot has to do with trading. No, he did not leave a secret trading manual in his attic for his grandchildren to stumble upon. And I’m guessing he did not even trade – he was too busy […]

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The Tough Truth About Part Time Trading

part time trading

Practically every week, I get an e-mail or two from an aspiring trader. “I want to make some extra money trading”, the story usually goes. Sometimes it is from young adults, already scrambling to get out of the rat race. Other times it is from a retired folk who suddenly realize that money is tight, […]

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“Peel Off” Trading

Many traders have a favorite method for trading, and they rarely deviate from that plan, regardless of what they are trading. One method many people like is what I call the “peel off” method. In its simplest form, the trader starts out with two contracts, exits the first at a small profit (the “peel off”), […]

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