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Yes, You Can Time the Market. How It Works, And Why

One of the most commonly cited maxims is that market timing is impossible. In fact, empirical evidence makes a compelling case that market timing is feasible and can yield substantial economic benefits. What’s more, we even understand why it works. For the typical portfolio investor, applying simple techniques to adjust their market exposure can prevent […]

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Equity Curve Money Management


Amongst a wide variety of money management methods that have evolved over the years, a perennial favorite is the use of the equity curve to guide position sizing. The most common version of this technique is to add to the existing position (whether long or short) depending on the relationship between the current value of […]

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How To Spot A Fake

One of the issues that comes up regularly is how, as an investor or other interested party, one can protect oneself from unscrupulous scam artists posing as professional traders or money managers. This is a particular problem on web sites featuring trader forums, where individuals with unverified track records claiming stellar trading histories use their […]

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