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Advanced Stops and Targets Strategy Tool

About the Author Jeff Swanson

Jeff is the founder of System Trader Success - a website and mission to empowering the retail trader with the proper knowledge and tools to become a profitable trader the world of quantitative/automated trading.

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  • Mike says:

    Hi Jeff, big thanks for this info. The video doesn’t seem to be working, it says “This video is private”. Can you fix the permissions?

  • Chris says:

    Hi, I can’t see the video, it says it’s “private”…

  • Desmond Lim says:

    Hi Jeff, You mentioned future modification based on exiting on different time-frame? It would be good to see that too, have you done it on another article somewhere instead?

    • Jeff Swanson says:

      I’ve not created an article yet for the Advanced Stops and Targets to work on a higher timeframe. Thanks for the reminder as I will add that to the to-do list.

  • John Babiarz says:

    Do you have a tradestation eld I can look at running?Intraday?
    Please help

    • Jeff Swanson says:

      Hello John. There is a TradeStation ELD at the bottom of the article. The strategy should work fine on intraday charts. However, I’ve only tested it on standard time based bars.

  • John Coffin says:

    I downloaded your Advanced Stops and Targets text file. When compiling it, the compiler does not recognize the function NTStop. I looked unsuccessfully for the code for this function. There is a link to an article on Noise Tolerant Stops that sounded promising but the link is broken.

    Thank you for all that you do on the website. I don’t visit it nearly as much as I would like to but learn something everytime I do.

  • dario says:

    good!!! you’ve done a great job

  • Eugene says: – this link no longer works

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